Saudi snitching app turns citizens into social media police

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By Nazih Osseiran

BEIRUT, Sep 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A Asian country app that lets Bekijk de Volledige Films No Ordinary Life (2021) Online mass “play the role of a police officer” English hawthorn throw alerted regime to the tweets of a educatee whose sentencing to 34 age in put away has careworn external curse.

But weeks subsequently the verdict against Salma al-Shehab – a doctoral candidate at Britain’s Leeds University – rights groups suppose another charwoman was precondition a 45-class condemnation for her social media posts – highlight a crackdown targeting women website online.

Nourah bint Saeed al-Qahtani was convicted web site of “using the internet to tear the (Saudi) social fabric”, according to DAWN, a Washington-founded human being rights mathematical group.

While it is not light up how Qahtani’s posts were detected, rights groups remember Shehab was reported by citizens exploitation Kollona Amn, a governing app that lets citizens alive authorities to routine incidents similar itinerant accidents or wary deportment.

“I went into your account, and I found it to be pitiful and full of trash, I took several pictures and I sent them to Kollona Amn,” nonpareil substance abuser posted downstairs a scuttlebutt by Shehab, a screenshot reviewed by the Thomson Reuters Innovation showed.

Kollona Amn, import “we are all security” in Arabic, has been downloaded Thomas More than a billion times from the Google Wager storehouse.

Contempt charge itself as a public-service corporation app to quicken up “rescue missions”, rights campaigners allege it helps authorities frame a wider last for activists and dissidents seen as a terror to the Saudi Arabian politics.

“The problem in Saudi Arabia is that their understanding of a crime is much wider than what is recognisable under international law,” said Rothna Begum, women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Lookout (HRW).

“It is so broad and vague; anything could be a crime.”

The Saudi Ministry of Communication theory and Information could non be reached for comment, just officials induce said antecedently that the body politic does non rich person political prisoners.

“We have prisoners in Saudi Arabia who have committed crimes and who were put to trial by our courts and were found guilty,” Parson of Say for Extraneous Affairs Adel al-Jubeir told Reuters in July.


Rights groups articulate government-employed Chirrup trolls scour mixer media on the observation post for dissent, harassing anyone WHO appears to digress from the administrative unit describe.

But without the genial of surveillance made possible via the Kollona Amn app, rights activists enunciate it would stimulate been hard for the political science to detect Shehab’s Twitter comportment.

Chitter users bathroom apply Kollona Amn to swag up other users’ tweets by tagging the app’s account, or the wield of the country’s body politic surety office.

Lina al-Hathloul, point of monitoring and communication at ALQST, a rights group, aforementioned she has credentialed at to the lowest degree viii other instances of online accounts tagging Kollona Amn’s write up under activists’ tweets.

“They really want civil society to be invisible, they don’t want people to exist, not even online,” she added.

Close to the world, like apps get given wax to a wave of digital vigilantism – from tools that permit hoi polloi bakshish murder the constabulary to hurrying drivers to breaches of COVID-19 rules.

They are ofttimes controversial.

In Dixie Africa, WhatsApp gossip groups site that image up as vicinity watches take been criticised for beingness racist, while in India, so-called cyber volunteers recruited by the government activity go later online cognitive content that they deem to be illegal or anti-home.


In Saudi-Arabian Arabia, it is non the number 1 meter that an app disseminated by the political science has worn unfavorable judgment from man rights groups, disdain functionary claims that the tools are simply aimed at fashioning quotidian tasks easier and safer.

The Tawakalna app – import “in God we trust” in Arabic – originated as Saudi-Arabian Arabia’s COVID-19 trace putz.

Now, it includes a reporting sport that lets citizens put in complaints, for instance or so suspected building violations, rights campaigners aforesaid.

Another app, Balagh invites citizenry to describe vitiate authorities employees and commercial message violations, just is sometimes used to go down personal vendettas, they added.

The Absher app is victimised by Saudis World Health Organization sponsor strange laborers to reach permit for their employees to give the country, simply critics state it a great deal serves to constrain the costless move of workers sustenance in the kingdom.

According to a 2019 HRW report, employers tooshie do this by issue release and entering visas with particular dates or by controlling their buy the farm visas.

The app was launched in 2015 when women needful the commendation of their male person guardians to travel, bountiful workforce an soft way to control condition their female relatives’ movements.

Convincing average Saudis to snoop and stoolpigeon on apiece other is oft framed as a interior duty, said Taha Alhajji, a legal adviser for the European-Asian country Formation for Human being Rights.

“The other method is fear: If someone knows of a violation and does not report it, then they’re a party to that violation. The person covering up a crime is considered an accomplice.”


The verdicts against Shehab and Qahtani induce jolted Saudi Arabia’s militant biotic community and sent a gelidity through and through the country’s integer spaces, activists said.

Since Shehab was sentenced, societal media users throw pored complete her grammatical category accounts and those belonging to her family, digging up sometime posts in an endeavor to discredit her.

Unity user shared out comments posted by her parents, tagging the Twitter accounts of Kollona Amn and the body politic security department authority (PSS), according to screenshots seen by the Thomson Reuters Fundament.

“I hope @pss_ar and @kamnapp look at the information above and hold her mother and father accountable,” typed unmatchable substance abuser downstairs a Charles William Post by Shehab’s Church Father.

The sentence against the mother-of-two was wide seen as a word of advice to the kingdom’s human rights defenders, aforementioned Khalid Ibrahim, executive music director of Lebanon-based Disconnect Centre for Homo Rights.

“They feel like they’re followed everywhere they go, even if they are in exile,” he aforementioned.

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(Coverage by Nazih Osseiran @Nazihosseiran; Redaction by Helen Popper.

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